A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play as the disposable detective Justin Case in this First Person Puzzle Adventure game, where you will have to help a group of teenagers solve the mystery of a seemingly haunted house!


Move- W,A,S,D or Gamepad Left Joystick

Look- Mouse or Gamepad Right Joystick

Interactions- Left Click or Gamepad X Button

Equip Notecard - Q,E or Gamepad Bumpers

Jump - Spacebar or Gamepad A Button

Crouch- C or Gamepad B Button

Kick- F or Gamepad Right Trigger

Run - Spacebar or Gamepad Left Joystick Button

Install instructions

May need help of Mouse in the Pause menu options. You CAN alter the mouse sensitivity.


DisposableDetective_Mac.zip 27 MB
DisposableDetective_PC.zip 24 MB

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